Thursday, August 19, 2010

She look so cute! in her pony tails and strips 3 quarter pants. I wounder where she got that sweater from and the sash? and can anyone make an tutorial on her hair.

Audrey Hepburn week yay!

Even as an older lady Audrey Hepburn still look glamours in her chill cloths.
she Lady's you can still look pretty without botox.
Family Weekly, Nov,1955
Audrey Hepburn on a bike. This you Can see another side of her, rather what see usually look.

AW!she look like she really comfortable in her pants next to a deer.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Keri Hilson BABY

This is from Keri Hilson new album cover called "no boys allowed" she rocking the
new trend combat boots with the knee high socks. act like she is starting
a revolution with men. LOL! seen her album is called " no boys allowed"
I absolutely love her new hair color it actually work for her, usually alot of people can pull
 of her hair color.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Which disney's channel star wore her jeans the best?

Is it the simple dark jeans, add onto a spunky personality

Or is it the small country folks turn Hollywood star. that will wear any jeans as long as it is cute. can i get an amen!
now in back to front, back to back


Rhianna portraying in the decades

Portraying  in the 90's wash out jeans with her own twist

Of course the 70's bell bottoms

The Madonna "material girl " look

madonna: I'm a material girl, in a material world and i'm a material girl

Madonna's new clothing line with her daughter
"material girl"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


  •  Wu zu: add on too a professional tie
  • Aaron: the youngest of the group, with a biggest cutest bow tie
  • DA dong: rock star with a black and white
  • Calvin: an messy shirt

Asians are the only people that can look good in white pants without looking less manly. I like how the designer's are the black tuxedo's gave them their own styles just by their personality.

James Franco style

Can anyone say! that James Franco is the cutest talented actor in the business and got the mind and body. I love how he can look older while looking young at the same time. jeans in the top and cotton wide khaki pants with a white turtle neck that leaves a clean look, leave it with an winter jacket at the bottom.

suit without a tie
He got the laid back personality that reflects with his style. This guy can make any suit into a casual outing just by flashing his pearly White's a everyone.This guy didn't age a bit since on " freaks and geeks" and the bad boy of the group. and hear at this, he is just 32 yrs old. So ladies don't be sad when you birthday come around.Just know that James Franco is waiting for you. He is hilarious in " Saturday night live"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

18 to Life

Michael Seater
Can he be any cuter?
Canadian shows I'm in love with, hint point on their style especially the hard hitter of the show life with Derek and the punk Degrassi's star. I like his laid back jeans that doesn't seem skinny, but right for his size with a wash out color even if it's dark or gray. And leave it off with his curly 1950's hair duo to the side and always trying to infuse modern with old. The look that come together with button down blouse shirts,If its plaid of strips combine. You don't want to leave out the punk queen of the degrassi high, that turn punk with simple but sweet styles.YOU GO GIRL!. It seem so funny how on The show his parents is so business up tight people that was once teenager's and her parents is always going to be teenager even if they are adults that love nature.And Will never like each other as long as their children is together.


exclusive: 2am club

I absolutely love this band. This is my one and only favorite band, They had just started out but it feels like they been in the business for a lone time. when i first heard that song on MTV i just feel in love with the song and the harmony. when you hear "worry about you" there will piano, rap, drum and a whole bunch of stuff it the categories of music in one. I wounder what award will they will this up coming year. The lead singer voices in so nice that it bring the sound of  the musician together. and check out their other music it's hot.
I can't wait!