Tuesday, August 10, 2010

18 to Life

Michael Seater
Can he be any cuter?
Canadian shows I'm in love with, hint point on their style especially the hard hitter of the show life with Derek and the punk Degrassi's star. I like his laid back jeans that doesn't seem skinny, but right for his size with a wash out color even if it's dark or gray. And leave it off with his curly 1950's hair duo to the side and always trying to infuse modern with old. The look that come together with button down blouse shirts,If its plaid of strips combine. You don't want to leave out the punk queen of the degrassi high, that turn punk with simple but sweet styles.YOU GO GIRL!. It seem so funny how on The show his parents is so business up tight people that was once teenager's and her parents is always going to be teenager even if they are adults that love nature.And Will never like each other as long as their children is together.


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